Mary Smartt

As an experienced real estate professional in the East Bay for more than 20 years, Mary Smartt is dedicated to providing the finest service available while breaking new ground. Through the years, she has worked with many different kinds of clients, from first time homebuyers to real estate investors, and from commercial and non-profit clients to bankruptcy court transactions. She is also a member of the nationwide Buffini & Company professional real estate coaching and referral network, giving her access to top Realtors across the country.


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Anne Keller

I’m a native of Germany and have lived in the US since 2002. However, my ties to the Bay Area and my family roots go back to the beginning of the last century. My interest and expertise in real estate are informed by a blend of two cultures: the openness, enthusiasm and excitement of California, coupled with the hospitality and exactness of Northern Europe.

As a licensed real estate agent (member: EBRD, OAR, CAR and NAR), and currently a real estate Agent for Lawton Associates, my focus is on bringing the maximum value to a process that can require exacting and correct responses; vision, creativity, safety, time-line management, humor and ultimately, good and delight with the final product. I will bring all of those qualities to Buyers and Sellers as together we bring the very best of the experience home.

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Josh Keller

Striving to perfect the practice of Real Estate, Josh has a background which includes Architecture, Psychology, Fine Art, Construction and Rental Management. Having remodeled his own properties, being a former furniture maker and former project manager for Lawton Associates, he brings a unique contribution to any transaction. He has also lived in the East Bay for over 30 years, giving him a wealth of knowledge about neighborhoods and local culture.
He and his wife, Anne work as a team to create a rewarding and satisfying outcome for their clients.
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Jim Duffy

Photo and bio coming soon.

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Keith Sjoholm

I moved to the Bay Area in late 1999, and began my real estate career in 2001 by getting my Broker’s license. Prior to working in real estate, I worked in financial services  (Broker/Dealer sales) with John Hancock Financial in Boston, and then in Marketing with Bloomberg Financial in San Francisco. I have been with Lawton Associates Real Estate Brokerage in Berkeley, since May 2004.

I grew up in the Washington DC area and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Boulder. While living in Boston, I attended evening Law School at Suffolk University. I graduated with my Juris Doctor.

My non-real estate hobbies include sailboat racing, international and US travel, graphic & industrial design and modern art. Plus, of course, in the SF Bay Area, good food and good wine.

“Buy, Sell & Rent-We do it all.”

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Ron Kriss

Ron Kriss is the Owner/Broker of Lawton Associates. He has been making a living in the real estate business for over 30 years. Since opening Lawton Associates in 1989, he has redeveloped more than 150 properties in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. This redevelopment history truly sets Ron apart from other brokers in the area. Ron has likely sold more of his redeveloped homes than most other agents have sold for their clients. Ron often says he has a “PhD in mistakes,” which he has accumulated over the years in the real estate and development business. This knowledge of what to avoid, helps Ron deftly guide and advise his real estate clients, including helping them avoid costly mistakes in their transactions. Ron is very adept at navigating complex real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers. In any given year Ron and his team spend many hours assisting sellers in preparing, marketing, and listing their homes for sale. Most of Ron’s clients are referrals from past clients and neighbors.


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